Managed Cloud Hosting Service Provider: One size doesn't fit all

With so many providers offering different types of Managed Cloud Hosting Services, it’s difficult to know what’s right for your business. So, how do you know what cloud hosting solution provider is right for you?

  • Will a public cloud offer the protection you need?
  • Can you grow a private cloud fast enough to support the fast-changing needs of your business?

We take a different approach by offering both Public Clouds and Private Clouds, designed to work together. We even offer the ability to mix in resources from dedicated physical servers when needed.

Our team of experts can recommend the right infrastructure for each tier of your site and/or application architecture based on your business needs and our real-world experience.

Gain Flexibility, Control, & Reign In Cost

Is it 2 cores, 4, or 8? Let our auto-scaling engine decide based on the actual amount of load your servers are receiving. Stop paying for power you’re not using. We’ll even scale your servers back down when load decreases.

Our full-featured Client Center gives you the control you need from anywhere. Clone servers, modify resources, view utilization, and much more.

Use our open API to build your own dashboard, or connect from your own cloud scaling engine.

What is Managed Cloud Hosting?

Developed to allow your team to work on what you do best; Grow Your Business.  Our technical experts take the time to understand your organization as well as your critical site or applications requirements.  With this knowledge, we help in architecting a secure infrastructure that meets your needs perfectly.  

From there, we deploy all of the pieces including cloud and database servers, load balancers as well as additional required services.  We focus on your customer experience through managed cloud hosting with INetU, our system administrators and support engineers focus on keeping your application available as well as providing ongoing related advice and recommendations to improve your critical application or web site.


Hybrid Cloud

Just because your hosting needs are complex doesn't mean it all needs to be difficult. Combine the Gated Community Cloud, a Private Cloud, and dedicated servers to form your own Hybrid Cloud. You can even clone servers across different types of Clouds!

Public Cloud

It is critical that your site or application is secure and always available.The INetU Gated Community Cloud™ is built on enterprise-grade and time-tested hardware and software that guarantee 100% uptime.

Private Cloud

With an INetU Private Cloud, our team of professionals works with you to understand specific business goals, technical requirements, and security needs.  We’ll design and implement a private cloud for your organization from the ground up.

Resource Center

Our Resource Center is a complete Cloud computing learning repository, provided free to INetU visitors and customers. All of the information found here has been provided by our experts in order to assist you in choosing a managed hosting provider.

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