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INetU Hosting Partner Program & Strategic Alliances

At INetU, we know the value of aligning ourselves with influential friends, partners, and strategic alliances. As a relationship-oriented company, INetU grows when our clients and partners succeed. That’s why we work hard to take remarkable care of our clients and partners. We believe in a two-way referral relationship. Your success is our success.

The Partner Cloud

Putting The “Partner” Back In “Hosting Partner Program!”

Your hosting partner reflects on the quality of your service and relationships in the IT Industry. Work with a partner who creates unique solutions for each of your clients. Through our highly consultative sales process, our Go-To-Market Partner Support Team will help you and your customer design and develop a customized private, public or hybrid cloud hosting solution for your clients. Concentrate on your business and let INetU handle the hosting environment.

Benefits Of The INetU Partner Cloud:

  • Two way referral relationship
  • Dedicated Go-To-Market Partner Support Team
  • Generous evergreen partner commission or discount with no commitment levels
  • Co-marketing opportunities


Your Success Is Our Success.

The INetU Partner Cloud isn’t another cookie-cutter reseller program. We are looking for application developers, system integrators, consultants, and similar businesses interested in working together to build sales momentum. We’re here to help you succeed. Ready to reap the rewards of an INetU partnership? Call us today or fill out our Partner Program application today to find out how.

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