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MusicDirect strives to deliver the finest quality audiophile components and media to their customers. Their goal is to maintain ongoing relationships with customers as well as establish relationships with new customers. MusicDirect aims to broaden their customer base while maintaining the highest level of customer service and satisfaction available in their industry.
MusicDirect initially started out as a mail order company. Their Web site began to equal the volume of sales they take over the phones from their catalog. The Web has allowed them to reach customers they otherwise would not have, opening the business up to an international customer base they could not have previously reached.
"INetU's role in our success is very critical," says Steve Shapiro of MusicDirect. "From the moment we first began communicating with them, we felt like we were dealing with people who care as much about our success as we do. Their expertise and knowledge has, at times, been our safety net. We know as long as we are hosting with INetU we will be in good hands."
When asked what aspect of INetU's service has impressed him the most, Shapiro cites the professional and responsive support team. "I have never had an issue they couldn't assist me on. I also was very impressed by the personal attention we received from our sales representative after our initial sale."
Citing a specific example of how INetU's expertise benefited MusicDirect, Shapiro thought back to the firm's migration over to INetU's servers. "During our initial changeover to INetU's servers, preparation was made in advance with the support department to reduce the window in which our server would be unavailable while the DNS populated. Instead of the usual 24-48 hour timeframe, our window was reduced to 1 hour. It was as smooth of a transition as I could hope for. In my opinion, that proved to me how much our satisfaction means to INetU."
Asked if he would recommend INetU to other online retailers, Shapiro said, "I definitely would recommend INetU's hosting to a company looking for rock solid stability and critical network performance."

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