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In Ticketing® is a premier technology company providing ticketing and e-commerce solutions for bands, venues and festivals worldwide. Since 2001, In Ticketing has given clients powerful solutions for online ticketing, box office ticketing, on-demand ticket printing, access control, and online merchandise sales.

In Ticketing initially managed their server infrastructure with internal resources, but decided to take a look at outsourcing as an option to support their rapidly growing business. When In Ticketing inquired with INetU, they experienced a different approach than with other managed hosts. Instead of simply offering hardware specs and prices, INetU brought a consultative approach including suggestions from INetU on how to make architectural changes to their application that would better handle load spikes without requiring major increases in hardware.

After moving their servers to INetU and implementing application changes that included INetU's recommendations, In Ticketing successfully re-launched their largest ticket sale to that date without any difficulty handling the traffic. INetU's efforts help In Ticketing deliver their goal of 100% uptime during their major events. "We require 100% uptime, not 99.9999 or 95, it has to be 100%," said Marc Urbaitel, CTO of In Ticketing.

When asked if he would recommend INetU's managed hosting service to other companies looking for expert help on Unix systems, Urbaitel offered an emphatic "yes", indicating that In Ticketing has gained very beneficial operational efficiencies by placing hosting in the hands of INetU and focusing their efforts on their core business - being the best at providing ticketing and e-commerce solutions for bands, venues and festivals around the globe.

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