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About once a year, we calculate the cost of doing everything INetU does vs. attempting to do it ourselves, and the difference is staggering. By my approximations, INetU is saving us $50,000 annually in personnel and hardware alone. If you count the cost of bandwidth and replication, I would double that. Then there are the infrastructure costs such as switches, firewalls and power redundancy that are a bit harder to calculate. In all, I would say we easily see an overall savings of at least $100,000 annually with INetU managed cloud hosting, which means an amazing 40% ROI.
Brian Fulford  Vice President of IT, AccuReg
In making the initial transition to managed cloud hosting provider INetU, VIIAD worked with INetU to design a new architecture from one it had with the existing vendor to realize about a 50% cost savings from the start. “The cost savings were outstanding, but we also got peace of mind transitioning to INetU,” said Dwyer. “I liked the team’s responsiveness throughout the process. They made us feel that they valued our business and were invested in our success.”
Sean Dwyer   IT Infrastructure Manager, VIIAD Systems
“INetU has provided us with flexibility, and has allowed us to grow our business as fast as we can. If we want to expand our market base or add a slew of additional small-staff associations to our infrastructure, INetU has our back.”
Richie Ward  Vice President of Technology, MemberClicks
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