7 Great Uses for Virtualization

Posted: 03/31/2009
By: INetU

Server virtualization is an extremely powerful tool that can help you make the most out of your server environment. But just how exactly can you benefit by going virtual? We asked our experts to come up with some of the uses that would benefit your business. If you haven’t considered what virtualization can do for you, now’s the time to think about it. Here are top seven uses for virtualization our experts came up with!

1. Multiple OS’s on one system.

Your entire infrastructure is run on Linux servers, except this one legacy ASP application that requires a small Windows box. Why dedicate separate hardware for this when you can just put a virtual Windows machine on a server that’s also running a Linux VM?

2. Go green!

You might have a few servers in your environment that aren’t being fully utilized. Condense them as virtual machines on a single physical server. This eco-friendly solution helps you “go green” by putting money in your wallet—it costs you less to use less hardware and build out virtual servers.

3. Develop a project or a website in virtual space first.

Virtualization makes it easy to create new development environments, or maintain staging environment that synchronize with your live servers—a developer’s paradise.

4. Software testing and evaluation.

Create virtual sandboxes on the fly, allowing you to try new software in a safe environment. After all, you wouldn’t want to install a program that corrupts your current programs on your production servers, right?

5. Migration from one physical machine to another without loss of service.

Combine a virtual server with a shared storage device, and you get one of the greatest benefits that virtualization has to offer: hardware independence. Is it time to upgrade to the newest processor, more memory, more horsepower? Do it without a single second of downtime.

6. Backup and recovery.

Because your virtual server is just a single system file, you can easily create a backup copy of your entire VM. So if things go wrong, just scrap the whole VM and reload the saved backup copy.

7. Training: use virtual machines to train your IT staff.

Virtualization gives you the power to let your staff train on an exact replica of your production environment, without the worry that they’ll irreversibly break something.

INetU has been offering a fully managed Citrix XenServer solution for nearly a year, and recently we’ve offered a platform alternative for clients who want to manage the hypervisor for VMWare, Hyper-V, or Xen built virtual environments. To learn more about INetU’s virtualization offering, visit our cloud hosting page.


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