Netcraft Names INetU Number 1 - Most Reliable Hosting Company for May 2009!

Posted: 06/02/2009
By: INetU

We’re once again honored to not only place in Netcraft’s Top 10 Hosting companies, but to also be Number 1 for May 2009!

Netcraft explains that our site responded “resiliently” to their performance collectors throughout the month without a single failed request. Of course, we wouldn’t have such great success if it wasn’t for our amazing infrastructure team managing our network and facilities.

Based in Bath, England, Netcraft is a popular Internet monitoring service that measures the response times of fifty leading hosting providers’ websites. These response times indicate a host’s network capacity and level of congestion; a company with a high ranking has higher capacity and lower congestion on its servers. Measurements are taken every 15 minutes from locations around the world, and averages are calculated for the preceding 24-hour period. The companies are ranked by fewest failed requests, a result more reliable than ranking by shortest periods of outage.

For more information about Netcraft’s process, please visit their site.


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