INetU Managed Hosting is Most Reliable Hosting Company in June 2010

Posted: 07/08/2010
By: INetU

INetU is honored to announce that Netcraft named us the Most Reliable Hosting Company for June 2010.  Not only did our network respond to each of their requests over the one-month period, but Netcraft says we are only the second site to do so this year – many thanks to our wonderful staff for making that happen!

Located in Bath, England, Netcraft is an Internet monitoring service that measures the response times of forty leading hosting providers’ sites.  Every 15 minutes, their devices collect failed requests and connection times to hosting providers’ websites via global locations:  England, the United States, Canada, and Romania, just to name a few.  The data is then calculated within 24 hours.

Companies are ranked by fewest failed requests to show reliability of routing, resulting in more accuracy than ranking by shortest periods of outage.

For more information about Netcraft, the company rankings, and the ranking process, please visit their website:


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