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You’ve got customers all over the world demanding reliability and performance at their doorstep. We’ve got a team of experts that can help you leverage the right technologies and infrastructure to deliver your sites and applications to them.

World Class Support

With more than 15 years as the complex hosting experts, INetU has developed an approach to customer support that’s a little out of the ordinary. When you choose INetU, don’t be surprised if our support team calls you before you even notice something’s wrong.

Amazing Partner Program

The INetU Partner Cloud isn’t another cookie-cutter reseller program. We are looking for application developers, system integrators, consultants, and similar businesses interested in working together to build sales momentum. We’re here to help you succeed.

Best-In-Class Security

The INetU Managed Security Suite combines defense-in-depth with our unique complex hosting expertise. It’s a complete toolkit for proactively protecting your hosted services and data. When security really matters, you can trust The Complex Hosting Experts!

Companies that trust the experts at INetU

INetU has worked with us as a partner in helping us to achieve our goals... in addition to providing... good service, they have offered advice and tried to anticipate problems before they occur.
Jeff Franken
Sales Director/Accounts Manager, MoJo Active
Working with INetU provides the Segway team with peace of mind. I’m completely confident in the stability of our web properties.
Lisa Saunders
Designer and Marketing Manager, Segway
We couldn't be happier making that frightening decision to move to a new hosting provider.
Allen Shannon
President, Lands of America
INetU's technical support and sales team have been critical to our success in selecting the right hardware and making necessary changes to our applications to maximize performance. Whenever I need something done, and fast, I get help.
Mike Wilson
Chief Operating Officer, AdvisoryWorld
In my experience, INetU is a company that is doing things right. They hire intelligent, well-trained people. They don't cut corners and it's obvious that they care about keeping their customers happy.
Danny Feemster
President of Cricket Ventures, LLC, Cricket Ventures
Our product is the web site so uptime and performance have to be near perfect. INetU's focus is on companies who are using their websites for more than just a storefront, which means they understand that the reliability is crucial. The reliability of the service has been outstanding.
Stephen Hersh
CASTLE Software, CASTLE Software
Each and every dealing we have had with INetU has been impressive, we could not have asked for better assistance on all occasions that help has been needed. We choose INetU for their support and have not been even slightly disappointed.
Gary S. Berger, MD
Medical Director, Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center
We have been fortunate to grow at the same time that INetU added the specialized Veraxiom Consulting division. Their specialized personnel looked at our growth and traffic needs, developed a technical growth model for our business, and helped us implement the first blocks for a strong growth foundation.
Elizabeth Martinez
President of Media Online, Inc., ClasificadosOnline
I definitely recommend INetU to anyone looking for dedicated hosting. In fact, I already have every time one of our business colleagues mentions that they're unhappy with their hosting solution.
Steven Rothberg
President and Founder, CollegeRecruiter.com
Having all of our websites with INetU versus some typical hosting company has saved us a lot of headaches, time and money.
Amanda Haile
CrystalVision, Inc.
INetU has proven time and time again that they are equipped to handle any situation. They have helped Clearvue & SVE develop a scalable, reliable system architecture that will allow us to seamlessly grow for years to come.
Chris Plapp
Purchasing & Information Systems Manager, Discovery Education/Clearvue
My background is with Fortune 500 companies, so I'm used to a high level of expert support. Now that I've started my own business, I was very impressed to receive the same, if not better, levels of support. I didn't think a new venture could afford these type of service levels.
Andrew Heifetz
Partner & Co-Founder, Avollution, LLC
Hosting a complex, high availability web site with multiple components will rarely fit with a company's core competency. The service level for INetU's managed servers is excellent for production applications that really matter.
Randall Thomas
INetU's expert solution design and service make it easy for us to help our clients by delivering secure and scalable hosted solutions as part of their business plans.
Nathan Goldstein
Gorman Health Group
If your Web site is important to you, the piece of mind from having good tech support is invaluable.
William Dimm
President of Hot Neuron LLC, Hot Neuron, LLC
They know what they're doing and they do what they say they will...no BS, no excuses...they just get the job done. INetU's customer service is first-rate.
Mark Kutt
Director of Marketing Research, ICC Decision Services
We require 100% uptime. Not 99.9999% of 95%. It has to be 100%. INetU delivers that.
Marc Urbaitel
CTO of In Ticketing, In Ticketing
INetU was absolutely critical in our online success. None of the founders of our company had a clue about servers, the Internet structure or any of the technology that made our business possible. INetU managed hosting was the perfect solution for us.
Douglas Newberry
Founder, Investing Systems, Inc.
INetU is one of the best decisions that we have made as a company. They are cost-effective, aggressive in managing our service, proactive in addressing potential challenges, and excellent at customer care.
David Altounian
CEO, iTaggit
We would offer INetU our highest recommendation for any project. They are a company that has the highest standards and the highest goals.
Julius Licata
INetU came up with the best solution we could have had. The team of engineers went above and beyond my expectations.
Navin Raju R
Service Manager, Loylogic
Simply put, we no longer worry about our server and can concentrate on what we do best, which is building professional websites. INetU's technical support team is quick in their response time and their staff are very friendly.
Lawrence Mak
President of Maknet Corporation, Maknet Corporation
Although our firm is a software development company, we are not system experts and prefer not to spend our time managing servers – we leave that to the experts at INetU!
Carl Spongberg
INetU offers a powerful, fast, reliable network with the best support in the business. Their support technicians are well-trained and are extremely attentive to each customer's individual needs. You can trust the job will be done right.
John Baratta
CTO of MEDmarketplace.com, MEDmarketplace.com
INetU plays an important role in making our business successful. When we deal with larger clients, INetU’s security certifications are very important to them.
Don Baird
SVP Information Technology, MicroVu
From the moment we first began communicating with them, we felt like we were dealing with people who care as much about our success as we do. Their expertise and knowledge has, at times, been our safety net. We know as long as we are hosting with INetU we will be in good hands.
Steve Shapiro
musicdirect, MusicDirect
Instead of getting automated email responses when it comes to maintenance and upgrades, we get personal phone calls from INetU to keep up us up to date on our environment.
Sean Glencross
Senior Programmer, Nexix, Inc.
INetU had what we needed and we would not have thought of anyone else to go to. The level of service is unbelievable.
Andy Lenig
Sales & Customer Support, Pacesetter
Their dedication is amazing. With INetU, it is not about making money, it's about what they can do to help you.
Darren Shafae
Founder and President, Proof-Reading, LLC
Is your web-based project critical to your applications? If it is, then INetU is the only place to host.
Gerard McLean
President of Rivershark, Inc., Rivershark, Inc.
This type of support is not generally found with hosting companies like this.
Jordan Cary
Smooth Fitness
I enjoy the ease of doing business with INetU. The certifications for security that INetU has are what attracted us to them because we need to be in accordance with HIPAA.
Speech Processing Solutions USA, Inc.
One of the benefits of working with INetU is the fact that you can actually get through to a support person or a specific person without waiting on hold for long periods of time. They treat your company as if you were their only clients.
Mike Herman
Sure Fit, Inc., Sure Fit Slipcovers
We trust INetU because when presented with problems, their approach is not to upsell us into additional services or equipment, but to actually identify the problem and apply an effective and permanent remedy.
Peter Rogati
Director of Support, Systems East, Inc.
We would highly recommend INetU to anybody launching a mission-critical web project.
JC Smith
Director of Consumer Marketing, The Pokèmon Company International
When an issue arises, it is always handled quickly and without any stress on my end. I've had experiences before which caused me to be very anxious about our outsourced hosting, but with INetU I feel that the company is very organized; as a customer, everything they do looks easy.
Igor Nuk
United Nations UNESCO
They did not try to sell me a package that I did not need. Other web hosting companies did not listen to my requirements. It is also very cost effective and gives me more flexibility.
Robert Stefanski
Project Manager, United Nations WAMIS
On tight deadlines, INetU was able to perform above and beyond what was expected and the sites were served exactly as planned. Everyone walked away a winner.
Nelson Stansbury
Weber Shandwick Worldwide
Before we moved to INetU, our website was frequently not-responsive, even though we had failover and load balancers in our infrastructure. Once we moved to INetU, with the same configuration, we started really enjoying the benefits of our infrastructure.
Bhanu Anukonda
Director of Online Systems, Working Assets
You can’t put a price on piece of mind; you can focus on your strategic and tactical projects knowing you have the best of breed supporting your infrastructure at INetU.
Oscar Martinez
Zuk Financial Group, Zuk Financial Group
The team at INetU is awesome to work with! INetU has always gone way past my expectations in support, and customer service! Keep up the great work. I recommend INetU to anyone is in need of cloud services.
Ron Coleman
Owner, MarCole Enterprises, Inc.
INetU saved our business in a critical way when Hurricane Sandy hit. Without INetU, we could have lost major client confidence.
Scott Anthony
Manager of Information Systems, The Systems Group
INetU acts like a customer service company that provides high-quality hosting, not a hosting company that also provides customer service.
Raymond Cote
President, Auric Systems International

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